Laurens Way Dream Rollers
Laurens Way Dream Rollers
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Get the BIG hair you’ve always dreamt of with Lauren’s Way’s very own Dream Rollers.

Let your Dream Rollers do the work while you doze. The innovative design of the Dream Rollers means that they flatten under pressure - so you can still get a restful sleep as you wear them through the night.

Our Dream Rollers have been tested and designed by the Lauren’s Way girls to be the exact size needed to create the ideal Essex curl.

PLUS **NEW** Dream Roller Carry Case - Now you can take your favourite Dream Rollers with you wherever you go with this cute, pink storage bag! - Keep your rollers it in for easy storage or use as a make-up/wash bag!


How To Use

  • After blow drying your hair section it into manageable lengths
  • Take a piece of hair and wind around a roller until it reaches your head
  • Secure with a grip if needed
  • Continue this process over your whole head
  • Leave the rollers in while you sleep to let them work their magic
  • Remove the rollers the next morning for amazing volume and curls
  • Style as desired


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